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Scheduling simply requires a retainer to reserve the date and time agreed upon. This is non-refundable

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in order to offset loss of business for that date and time in the event of cancellation by client.

This is applied 100% as a credit towards your order when completed.




Specializing in magical fantasy images created by your

own dreams

and desires.

"Freddys style of dramatic, flowing, surrealistic imagery is

influenced by modern cinematography and CGI art. Freddy

strives to represent all that is beautiful and unique while capturing

and implying motion"





Available for live event photography.Same retainer policy as stated above.

contact for more information

San Diego photography studio and editing services.

~Freddy Fox Photography

Fantasy images. Fantasy photographer. San diego photographer * Los Angeles photographer * Portrait photographer * wedding photographer * event photography * commercial photographer

All rights reserved. © copyrights 2011. Freddy Fox Photography.

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